Pinky Python Mauve Snakeskin Bell Bottoms

Pinky Python Mauve Snakeskin Bell Bottoms



Have you been feeling down? Not quite yourself? Do you have friends that go out and have fun, but you just don’t feel inspired? Well, that all ends now! Let me introduce you to the Pinky Python Pants! Elastic waist, super soft, amazingly slimming pattern and bell bottoms…SOLD! These pants will become your new found inspiration to leave the house and shake whatcha mama gave ya! Or, to go to that PTO meeting and make everyone else super jelly. Add to Cart = Life!

Snug fit with a high-waist.  Model wearing her usual size Medium.  This material is super stretchy and allows for a little wiggle room.  Keep your thighs and backside in mind when choosing your size.  

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