Gymnastics Day Pull On Jeans

Gymnastics Day Pull On Jeans



Ok so l named these gymnastics day pull on jeans because I’m doing writing this while sitting at my daughters gymnastics class. But then it occurred to me that you could totally do gymnastics in these because they are so easy to move in. Maybe once my Red Bull kicks in I’ll try it out. Stay tuned...

Anyway, these run small. Like junior sizing small. I’m wearing the XL/XXL and I’m a size 8 in bottoms. I’m 5 foot 7 and 150 pounds. I hope that helps with sizing reference. 

These have an elastic waistband and are stretchy. They look like real jeans and have real back pockets. They have a single slit in each knee. 

Sizing: Small/Medium (2), Medium/Large (4), Large/XL (6), XL/XXL (8)

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