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***Preorder Status*** 

8 by 8 inches. There's a tiny discount as a thank you for preordering. The cost will return to normal once we get these in. 

Dearest Karen, Please read 👇🏿

These are preorders. This means I do not have it in store. I am having it made for our store. I estimate having these by September 31st. However, we are in a pandemic, a hiring crisis, and having supply chain issues. I will do my absolute best to get these to you as soon as possible. I will order extras. If you are going to not be kind if you get your fidget popper on Oct. 3rd instead of Oct. 1st please don't preorder. Please don't order this for Little Johnny's birthday present for his party on September 31st. I will up stay up until 4am every night worrying about ruining Little Johnny's birthday. Please don't do that to me. 

With that being said, do not wait to buy your Christmas presents y'all. There will be nothing left. There's a shortage of just about everything. It's only getting worse. Don't wait. This is not the year. So grab these as stocking stuffers while you can. 



*P.S. If You're new around here don't stress. We aren't a sleezy company. This is our 6th year in business. We are real people shipping real orders all over the country. We do brutally honest around here. No B.S. allowed.