Dave Chappelle's Color of My Soul Graphic Tee

Dave Chappelle's Color of My Soul Graphic Tee



We decided to name this tee after Dave for numerous reasons. Dave Chappelle is funny. This tee is funny.  *shrugs* They match!  

But alas, let's get serious for a minute.  At a surprise nightclub performance, Dave was heckled by a white girl, after responding to audience suggestions regarding police brutality, shouting ‘Life’s hard, sorry ’bout it!’ Dave took this opportunity to educate not only this young girl, but also about 200 audience members.  He told of a traffic stop in which he had encountered a white police officer.  Both were nervous.  Dave was let off with a warning (he's Dave Chappelle!). That same cop went on to murder John Crawford III (a black man).  Dave's take on it? ‘I shouldn’t have to be Dave Chappelle to survive police encounters.'  An entire room became part of a solution that night, even if they weren't ready!  #EnoughIsEnough

This garment fits true to size.  Model shown wearing her usual size Medium.  (unisex sizing)