Skylar Palo



I’m a native Nashvillian (basically a unicorn 🦄), married to a super handsome dude, and work in the Title Insurance industry. I am passionate about helping people, marketing, and CLOTHES (yes, give me all the clothes).
There has always been more to shopping for me than JUST shopping. I love helping people find the perfect outfit (shout out to my friends that have let me play dress up). There is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they find the outfit that makes them feel like the rockstars they are - just a total badass.

My do-it-all friend, Chelsea Brown, started Emerson Kate with a vision to change the boutique world. To do more than sell an over priced dress that is two sizes too small and honestly, just isn’t for you. We are just not about that life. We are here to be a #bodypositive community that empowers every woman to feel beautiful and confident.

My Facebook group is going to be a fun, supportive group where you can shop from the ease of your couch, host a trunk show in your home, or pop by and see the goodies in person. Make sure to add your girl gang so we can have all the fun. #EKHendersonville