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Emerson Kate Boutique was created to help every woman feel beautiful and confident. With clothing that is always on trend and moves with ease from the soccer field to date night, we know what you are looking for in clothing. A company of moms, for moms, founder Chelsea Brown opened Emerson Kate Boutique on February 25, 2016, as a way for fellow moms to find clothing that was in fashion, affordable and convenient to purchase.

 As every mom knows, shopping daytime boutique hours between naptimes is not always an option. The thoughts of dragging the littles to stand in front of big department store mirrors in cramped dressing rooms can be nauseating. And did we mention that 5 other ladies had on the same dress from Target on in Sunday school last week? There had to be a better way.  With convenience in mind, we started bringing Trunk Shows into your homes in October of 2016 and have not slowed down since. With options to shop on Instagram and Facebook, we saw the need for a digital presence and launched Emersonkateboutique.com in May of 2017. 

 We all know our kids are special but sometimes we forget we are special too. Here at Emerson Kate, we are on a mission to help every mom find her own sense of style without breaking the bank within a supportive community of women.  We want to foster friendships based on honesty and trust rather than toxic comparisons. Let’s be honest, we are all a mess and none of us is perfect. We will ALWAYS tell you if that color washes you out or if there is a better option for your shape but we do it with love because we want you to feel and look your best. You deserve to feel beautiful and have confidence in knowing you look great. We will often ask your opinion on upcoming styles and want your honesty as a friend in return.

With so many of our customers asking for a traditional storefront location we decided it was time to make the leap. February 2018 we opened our first brick and mortar location. We would be honored if you stopped by to visit this location if you're ever in Corinth, Mississippi. It's a different environment than a transitional boutique. All of our employees have completed a rigerous training program on body shape, coloring, and fabric content. This means your stylist is able to style you from head to toe. If you've ever felt intimidated walking into a boutique because you weren't thin enough or rich enough, know we are different. We are on a mission to change boutique culture. We want to encourage you and help you find that perfect outfit that makes you look and more importantly feel beautiful. We strive to make you feel loved and beautiful in everything you wear, but our ultimate goal is to make you feel beautiful in your own skin. So come visit our store and see the difference for yourself! 

“Family comes first” is the founding principle here at EK. We are moms first, foremost and FOREVER. Family is priority and while clothes are important, family will always come first. We stand behind our Stylists and their commitment to family. It is for their family they are working hard to support. We strive to create a supportive and uplifting environment for both our customers and employees that makes a positive impact on all those involved. Please note, that in the event of family emergencies emails, phone calls, social media messages, and carrier pigeons will be answered as soon as possible. Know that your kindness and consideration for our Stylist is what makes the EK family so special.   Welcome to the Emerson Kate family! 


xoxo, Chelsea

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