This week’s collection is undergarments. Yep, we went there. The whole thing is REALLY GOOD sturdy things to cover your situation.

I see soooo many women who look adorable but are tugging and pulling and wiggling because they don’t have the right undergarments.

We aren’t talking about bras here. Oprah got us all in the correct bra in 2005. 

I’m talking about the slip you need that hugs your body so when the wind blows your flowy dress you don’t show the world your goods.

I’m talking about the undershorts that keep your thighs from rubbing and starting a fire when it’s 64468 degrees this summer. Not Spanx ones, those suck the life out of you and don’t support #tacolove. Just enough to keep chafing away. Yep, it happens to everyone, not just you.

So screenshot this and text your bestie. Because we all know she needs this too.

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