Headbands: You know you need one!

Do you need a headband? Maybe you don't know you do. 
But you really do I promise. Scouts honor. Let me tell you why.

Headbands were invented for the 1 day past the "dry shampoo can't save you" TM day hair. Yep, I said what I said. You see a woman in a headband and a sleek ponytail and think dang that girl has it all together. Not really, that slicked back ponytail is held together a prayer and Starbuck's. 

Ok fine, so maybe this just is the way I wear headbands. But for real buy a headband or three. Your babysitter will be so thankful when you give it to her for Christmas. Your sister will love one too. Maybe grab an extra just to have because ya know that holiday the whole gift situation is getting real close.    
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