You Are Enough

You Are Enough

*May 2015 - 9 months pregnant and 11 months old*

Imagine being 75 and you’re sat thinking about your life and how you never went swimming in the sea on a warm night because your thighs jiggled. Imagine realising you never laughed until you couldn’t breathe because your teeth weren’t straight or white enough. You never embraced the sun on the beach because of the stretch marks on your stomach and your hips. You never allowed yourself to let go and have fun because the pressure to look perfect consumed you.

*August 2016 - 2 weeks old, 1 and 2*

Imagine being 75 and realising you’ve hidden yourself away for the fear of being real. Imagine realising all the years you wasted hating yourself, but now it’s too late to go swim in the sea late at night. Now it hurts to laugh for more than a few seconds and you’re too weak to travel to the beach. Imagine realising all this time you were perfect the way you were, but now it’s too late to do anything about it.

*Summer 2017 - Almost 1, 2, and 3*

Don’t let that happen. Live now, as you are. You deserve to realize you’re enough and always have been, before you’re 75. So wear the damn swimsuit. Play in the sand with your kids. Jump in the pool. Your kids are going to cheer the loudest when you make a biggest cannonball splash. I promise they won't be thinking about how your legs touch. Some of my most favorite memories are playing with The Trifecta at the beach. I remember worrying about my body every single one of those trips. But now I'm so glad I got over it! Just look how much fun we are having!

*Fall Break 2018 - 2, 3, and 4*

So just wear the damn swimsuit. I want these kind of memories for you! I promise you will never regret it! Besides you're about to be the Cannonball Champ at this year's neighborhood pool party and winners don't worry about silly insignificant things! I always knew you were a winner. 

*September 2019 - 5 years old*

*May 2020 - 4, 5, and 6*

*July 2021 - 5, 6, and 7*  

This walk down memory lane reminded me I only remember the big belly laughs from these sweet times. I know you will too! Send me photos all summer long of you playing in your new swimsuit with your babies. I can't wait to see them!  

❤️ CB

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