Why You Should Declutter & Organize

Why You Should Declutter & Organize


Keeping life organized can often be overwhelming and let's be honest...hard. It seems like all the things continue to pile up until you reach a breaking point. However, learning and developing skills to help declutter and organize can make life so much sweeter. Let us help you cultivate healthy habits!


Organizing is Intentional

Imagine yourself in your living room and see how you want it transformed. Notice how you are feeling. If you do not have that exact feeling every time you sit down to rest in your living room, it is time to do something about it.

Start by setting a timer for 10 minutes, remove 10 things from the room of your choice, and repeat the practice for the next 10 days. Once you start practicing this day after day, you are forming a new healthy, simplifying habit.

A life crisis can often kick us into hiring an organizer, a therapist, or a coach. But everyone can benefit from having an organizer set up preventive & supportive systems, so when a crisis comes, it is not a big deal. Think of this as proactive instead of reactive: You have already taken care of yourself. You already have self-practices in place. You already know what you need.


Organizing is Mindful

Look at all the major sources of clutter in your life. Start by taking action to declutter them so you can live your most desired life. Organizing is about creating systems for physical items. It could mean putting dividers in the kitchen drawer to know where the forks should go. 

Decluttering needs to happen FIRST. Start by assessing why you have these things and if they still serve you. When you remove the items that no longer serve you, you create simplicity in your life. This way, you are organizing your life rather than just your stuff. You become the owner of your time and your space.


Organizing is Freeing

Inner clutter can feel like anxiety, irritation, or frustration. Paying attention to that inner clutter is necessary to process it fully. It is when we don't process it that it becomes outer clutter. When we take this time to process our internal feelings, we will ultimately feel calmer on outside. 

Being stuck, for me, means I recognize that there are unhealthy patterns on repeat. I've taught clients a process that first gives them an awareness of their unhealthy patterns. Once that is established, we can work on creating healthier foundations for their life. We are trying to re-program these old habits into healthy and sustainable new ones.


Organizing is Balanced

The more you have, the more you have to take care of, meaning the more time you feel the need to spend on the things that don't bring you happiness. Focusing on the "stuff" ultimately takes time away from doing the things you truly enjoy.


Where to Start

When you are overwhelmed it is hard to know where to start. Having an outside opinion can be just the kickstart you need for this organizing and freeing process. I started closet clean outs as a way to connect with clients. It grew into something more. A way to help women let go of things that were holding them back. A way to help empower women to make the most of not only their spaces but their lives. 

Remember that nothing stays perfectly organized, but by creating new and healthy organizing habits, life can feel a little easier to manage. 

If you still don't know where to start a great step is asking for an expert eye...AKA me!



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