Declutter Your Home and Mind

Declutter Your Home and Mind


Organizing is Intentional 

Organizing is Mindful

Organizing is Freeing

Organizing is Balanced


The purpose of the 30-day detox is to have all of these spaces organized so you can have a peaceful holiday season. During the Holiday season, we are constantly bringing new things into our spaces, whether it’s places that are visible or behind the scenes. During this time, we will focus on decluttering our homes which will help declutter your mind. In my opinion making a list is the most efficient way to tackle projects and challenges such as this 30-day detox. 

1. Paperwork I'm not asking you to file every paper in your house. It's November after all. Just get that stack you've been avoiding on your kitchen counter. Deal with it & put it away. 

2. Front Entryway, Could be a Closet/Bedroom/ Where yall pile your shoes. Don't get crazy and pull out a mop or anything but pick everything up, sweep, and put it all away where it belongs. Don't need or use it? Donate it. 

3. Your Purse. Throw those receipts away. You don't need them. While you're at it, throw away that old cough drop. You aren't going to eat it with all those crumbs on it anyway.  

4. Cleaning Supplies. That bottle you're holding on to with 5% left in the bottle that you haven't used. Let it go. Recycle if ya can. 

5. Fridge and Freezer. If you've got some extra time go all out here. You will be glad you did when the holidays roll around. Bleach is your friend. 

6. Pantry. Please don't serve your holiday guest green beans casserole with green beans that expired in 2006. 

7. Free for all/Catch Up Day

8. Kitchen Cabinets Choice One: Go deep here. Purge purge purge. Only keep it if you actually use it. Choice Two: If that feels like too much, just wipe down every surface. Go old school here. Plain dish soap and water work best 

9. Unfollow anyone who doesn't add anything positive to your life. They all suck anyway. 

10. Dining Area. Go fold the laundry sitting on the dinning room table. Act like you have company coming over this month or something. 

11. Entertainment Area (CD’s, DVD’s). Donate all of that. They quit making those. It's time to say bye. Do you even own a DVD player anymore? They are the 8-tracks of our generation. 

12. Magazines and Books. I'm not any help here. I keep way too many of these. But the smart people say donate your books to your locate library. 

13. Junk Drawers. Yall throw it away. Donate it. You don't need it. Everything needs a home. Just say no to junk drawers. 

14. Free for all/Catch Up Day 

15. Desk. Sweep it all into your junk drawer and see above. Just kidding. If it's important, file it. If it's not, throw it away. 

16. Unsubscribe from any unnecessary emails and promotional information Except EK because we are cool. 

17. Linen Closet. Give up on folding. Shove all sheets in the pillowcase. It's way easier I promise. Donate those old sheets too. You're never going to actually use them. 

18. Makeup. It expires super fast. Get rid of it so you don't get an eye infection or some kind of junk. Except your naked palette. It cost so much money in 2011 that it's exempt. 

19. Spend time outdoors. Stand barefoot on the ground. It's good for neutralizing your ions or something. I don't know if that is mumbo jumbo or what so just go breathe in the sunshine. 

20. Bedroom Closet. Best of luck here. Any effort makes it better than before. 

21. Free for all/Catch Up Day

22.Sock and Underwear Drawer. Let it Gooooo. Let it Gooo. (Read in Elsa's voice only.) Socks without a mate. Goodbye. Anything with a hole. Maybe the peace be with you. Good bye. 

23. Night Stand. Those batteries are dead. Replace them today. 

24. Put clean sheets on everyone's bed this morning. Everyone will need a good night of rest after dealing with the in-laws and crazy Aunt B. 

25. Trim the extra off your calendar this year. Go through your calendar and remove anything that does not make your heart sore. If it’s not serving you, release it and take it off your calendar to create space for the things that light you up and move you forward in the right ways.

26. Craft Space. Don't have a craft space? Whoop whoop! You get the day off! Crafters, get that mess in shape. I mean, I know you won't. But I'm telling you that you should anyway. Goodbye half a yarn quilt. 

27. Laundry Room, Feeling overwhelmed? Clean out the dryer vent really really well and call that a win. Drank an extra cup of coffee? Get all the random stuff that doesn't belong and put it in it's home. Yes, I know that's where you hide everything. 

28. Free for all/Catch Up Day

29. Silence your notifications and phone for a one- or two-hour window every day. You will twitch at first. Don't panic. It gets easier. 

30. Car. Get alllllll of that extra crap outta there. Otherwise you won't have room to put all the gifts you need to return to the store December 26th.  

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