Body Shapes: Why You Want to Know Yours

Body Shapes: Why You Want to Know Yours

You all know I hate diets… there’s no reason any woman should have to choose certain clothes based on a number on the scale or tag. The world used to make us feel like that one component (size) determined the overall look outcome, but thankfully we have come a long way, people! 



Did you know you have a unique body type? Did you also know that there is a trick to buying staple items in your wardrobe that will make you look and feel like a million bucks, despite the number on the tag? Yes, that’s right, friends. When you know your body shape type, you can buy clothes that accentuate all YOUR best features and draw less attention to the areas that are your least fave.

So, there are 4 basic shapes:

  1. Triangle, also known as "Pear Shape"
  2. Inverted triangle, also known as "Apple Shape"
  3. Rectangle, also known as "Athletic Shape"
  4. Hourglass, also known as "Curvy Shape"


These are determined by measuring 4 different body parts: shoulders, bust, hips and waist. 

Again, the goal is not to cover up and hide, but to show everyone what you’re working with by drawing attention to your OWN unique assets! 

Here’s a basic rule of thumb for determining your shape:

  1. If your hips tend to be wider than your shoulders, then you’re most likely a triangle frame.
  2. If the opposite is true and your shoulders/bust are wider than your hips, you’re most likely an inverted triangle frame.
  3. If your body is pretty much proportioned all the way down, no areas necessarily wider than others, you would be a rectangle frame.
  4. If you are have a smaller waistline with pretty much equal shoulder and hip width, you would be an hourglass shape.

So why is it important to know these? Umm, friend, haven’t you heard of an optical illusion? Well, you can create that shape you desire with certain types of clothing. Yes ma'am. For example, if you are a triangle shape, you may want to avoid horizontal stripes that may make your hips/lower extremities look wider. Instead, you might choose a fitted top to draw more attention to your upper region, creating a more proportionate look from head to toe. You can even add magic tricks such as specific accessories to your wardrobe to accentuate your frame!

Feeling overwhelmed? I hear you. It can seem like a lot at first, but you know here at EK, we got your back (shoulders, bust, waist and hips, too!) We offer a closet cleanout with yours truly - I’ve spent years studying these exact tools, and am happy to help you measure and determine YOUR unique body shape. Let me take you by the hand and go through your closet with you to determine which pieces you own that are already rocking your body frame, which pieces maybe best to part with, and what we can add to bring out the best of what you’ve already got! 



You can head over to the EK website and click “closet cleanout” for more info and to complete a form to have your questions answered by me. 

Stay tuned here over the next few weeks as I share a more in depth blog on each shape and the do’s and don’ts of each… not to get super stuck on rules… think of it more as just an honest best friend chit chat ;)


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