Body Shapes: The Triangle Frame

Body Shapes: The Triangle Frame

Body Shape Series 1: The Triangle Frame

Alright, ladies - first up, let’s talk about the triangle shapes, also known as pear shape. Just to recap in case you missed the last blog, if your hips are wider than your shoulders, you would most likely fit into this body frame…and by wider, we mean about 5% wider or more.

Weight gain can also help indicate what shape we are … in this case, if you tend to notice weight distributed more in your hips, butt or thighs, congratulations, friend - you are a triangle frame!

No matter which shape you are, the overall goal is to find pieces that will help give a more proportionate look, so let’s chat about what that would look like for the triangles. 

First, let talk about the triangle magic:

Your magic power is in the ability to rock any pair of jeans! Yes, girl. 

Our goal is to draw less attention to the hips and wider areas, and more attention to the top to create a more proportionate look. 

So what pieces would you want to avoid, usually?

Anything that is going to draw the most attention to the hip area… think pleated bottoms or horizontal stripes (horizontal lines always make things look wider than they are). Also, those whiskers on jeans… yeah, we want to try to stay away from those, too. 

So the fun part, which pieces are going to be your best fashion friends or “BFF’s”?

Statement earrings or necklaces, for sure! And you know we have you covered at EK for every occasion! 

When it comes to tops, look for more fitted tops that accentuate the shoulders - v -necks and scoop necks are a plus!

For bottoms, boot cut and flares are perfect as they help to make the legs look longer!

Maxi dresses are a great pick, and go for a length (dress or skirt) that falls below the knee to, again, help elongate your bottom half. 

Here is an example of a top pick for triangle shapes:

Go USA Romper - the V neck and banded waist is perfect for the triangle frame. 

Don’t forget, if you need help determining your shape and what to wear, holler at your girl to book a closet clean out. No need to go at it alone, if you are feeling overwhelmed, friend. Either way, we hope hope these blogs give you that extra boost of "I can do this!"

Stay tuned next week for the inverted triangle frame!

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