Body Shapes: The Rectangle Frame

Body Shapes: The Rectangle Frame

Rectangle friends! Raise your hands! Today is all about you. 

Rectangle frames are also referred to as the athletic frame, or the H frame. Your measurements will be pretty proportionate, meaning your shoulders, hips and bust are all within 5% of one another - one not being much wider than the other like our triangle friends. Weight gain may be mostly seen in the midsection, while shoulders and waist stay about the same. 

Okay, so I know what you're thinking - what is MY magic power?  Don't tell everyone else, but girl, you pretty much look good in everything! Pick an area you are loving most about you and draw attention to it!

The only thing rectangle frames really want to avoid is a lot of loose fitting clothing from head to toe. Pick one are to flow in, and add a more fitted look to the other. For example, if you are wearing a loose fitting tunic, pair it up with some skinny jeans rather than loose joggers. Or if you choose to wear some flares, put on a fitted graphic tee to go with. 

Since the rectangle shape is about the same all the way down, the overall goal is to help create a look of a more defined waistline - to add a little more curvature to the body. 

The Pleated Floral Dress is a great choice, since the belted waistline creates more definition!

Your BFF's are pretty much everything - lucky duck.

When it comes to tops, show off those sculpted shoulders with a halter top or back with a racer back tank. 

For bottoms, again, almost any kind will do. Wide leg or pants that flow across floor can really help to give a more elongated look. 

As far as dresses go, avoid the loose fitting ones everywhere, and choose something with maybe a thin belt, as shown above, to create a more pronounced waistline. Choosing a shorter hemline also helps to show off those strong legs. 


Pictured: Fancy It Yourself Dress


You know I'll say it until blue in the face - we at EK are ready to walk alongside you so you can feel your absolute BEST. Head over to the website and check out "closet cleanout" for your personal consultation to help determine your body shape and fill your closet with all. the. things to accentuate your body type! 

Up last (but not least) the hourglass. Stay tuned, friends.

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