Body Shapes: The Inverted Triangle Frame

Body Shapes: The Inverted Triangle Frame

Next on our Body Shape series is the Inverted Triangle - I'm sure you can guess, this is pretty much opposite of what we talked about last week! Inverted Triangle is also known as the apple shape. 

How do you know if you are an inverted triangle shape? It is the opposite of the triangle: if your shoulders/bust are wider than your hips, you most likely fit into this body frame…and the same 5% rule applies, meaning 5% wider up top than on bottom. 

In this case, if you tend to notice weight distributed more in your bust, shoulders and even neck/chin area- you are most likely an inverted triangle frame! Remember, every body shape has a magic power, so let's chat about yours.

The inverted triangle is admired for...well, let's be honest ladies... the full bosom and sleek legs. Yep. We said it. 

Our goal here is to draw less attention to the shoulders or anything that makes the waist line look smaller. 

So avoid pieces that would make the shoulders look broader such as shoulder pads, or heavy designs around the neckline/shoulder area. Also steer clear of tops that are more fitted around the tummy, which can make your torso appear shorter. 

Let's chat the fun stuff - the inverted triangle's BFF's (best fashion friends)

Long layered necklaces are your power statement! They really help to elongate the upper body... grab something like our Long Silver Necklace with 3 Strands: 

When it comes to tops, look for more loose fitting tips that are flowy and breezy - you can really pull off any neckline!

The Fountains Tank is a great choice, with its loose fit - you can even pair it with a pendant necklace!


For bottoms, almost any style will do - bootcut, flares, even leggings and joggers - you can take your look up a notch by pairing bottoms with tunics or those flowy tops mentioned earlier. 

Strapless dresses are a great pick for the inverted triangle as it doesn't draw more attention to the shoulder area. Wrap dresses are also a great choice! 

And you will hear me say this again and again over the next few weeks, so just get used to it, friends. You don't have to go it alone. If you have questions and feel your wardrobe needs a refresh - head over to the EK website and click "Closet Cleanout". We can chat about details to help you establish which pieces are best for your body frame. 

Rectangle frame - you're up next week!

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