Body Shapes: The Hourglass Shape

Body Shapes: The Hourglass Shape

Can't believe we are covering our final body shape today, ladies. 

The hourglass shape, also known as curvy. The build is similar to the rectangle,as in your shoulders and bust are within 5% of each other, however the biggest difference is the waistline is drastically smaller than both. If your waistline is around 25% or more smaller than your shoulders and/or bust, you would be considered curvy, girl!



Weight gain isn't always a prominent indicator of this shape because it can be pretty evenly distributed throughout the body. 

The magic power of the hourglass frame is pretty obvious: the CURVES! 

Our goal is to draw attention to those curvy assets, and not to wear anything that would take away from what your momma gave ya. 

To do so, avoid clothing that is more straight cut and boxy. Real flowy clothes can take away from those fabulous curves, so a special trick can be to add a belt to pieces that are super loose. That will keep that amazing definition going.

Belts will definitely be your best fashion friend! Also, necklaces that rest on your collarbone are a good accessory choice. 

Jurassic Park Statement Necklace 

Tops can include wrap tops and, of course, fitted tops to accentuate that waistline. V necks and scoop necks are great choices!

Puff Sleeve Peplum Top:

For bottoms, congrats, you can rock the high waisted jeans as well as those low rise bottoms that are making a comeback (Insert claps).

Dresses that wrap around or are form fitting, especially in the waistline, are going to be real winners for you, friend.

Knit Wrap Dress (shown in Mocha)

That's a wrap (see what I did, there) on our body shape series.

Learning about body types and how to dress according to them has been one of my favorite fashion hacks to share. I love showing women how one small change or accessory can make a night and day difference in your wardrobe. 

Thanks for tuning in, friends - tag us with your body type and what you are rocking now that you know which pieces bring out the best in what you have!

And you already know by now, give us a shout for a closet clean out if you don't want to walk it alone. We got your back. 

Happy styling by shape <3 

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